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Focus Training is an Approved Training Organisation under the WSQ Framework in helping our clients train, develop and assess key competencies for their workforce. As a Certification Body, Focus Training is honoured to be able to achieve ATO accreditation from SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG)/ Workforce Singapore (WSG). 

The WSQ system is a national credentialing system where it is designed to train, develop, assess and certify skills and competencies of adult workers. It is managed by SSG, a statutory board under the Ministry of Education (MOE).

WSQ courses are eligible for course subsidies, where individual learners can apply up to 95% course fee funding. Furthermore, employers who are sponsoring their employees for training can get course fee funding up to 70% and apply for the absentee payroll funding. 

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Follow Organisational workplace safety and health (WSH) policies and guidelines

• Following safe work practices
and risk control procedures;
• Participating in workplace
safety and health management
activities; and
• Following workplace emergency
response procedures.

Clean Furniture and Furnishings

• Preparing for cleaning activities;
• Removing loose dust and debris,
spillage and stains from furniture
and furnishings;
• Polishing furniture and
furnishings; and
• Reinstating work area.

Provide Quality Service

• Observing good personal
• Observing proper hygiene
standards and display of
positive image;
• Maintaining good interpersonal
• Proper communication with
customers; and
• Practising good service delivery.

Perform Basic Cleaning of Hard FlooR

• Preparing for cleaning activities;
• Removing loose dust and debris,
spillage and impacted soil from
hard floor surfaces;
• Performing mopping of hard floor
surfaces; and
• Reinstating work area.

Perform Basic Cleaning of Washrooms

• Preparing for work activities;
• Removing dust, debris, soilage
and spillage from sanitary
fixtures and fittings, toilet walls/
partitions and toilet floors;
• Cleaning toilet floors, toilet
walls/ partitions and surfaces
with high user contact;
• Replenishing consumable items
in sanitary area; and
• Reinstating work area.

Perform Basic Cleaning of Carpets

• Preparing for work activities;
• Removing loose dust and debris,
spillage and stains from carpets;
• Reinstating work area.

Clean Vertical Surfaces, Glass and Ceiling

• Preparing for cleaning activities;
• Removing loose dust from vertical
surfaces and ceiling surfaces
(and parts);
• Performing cleaning of spillage and
soilage from vertical surfaces;
• Performing spot cleaning of soilage
from ceiling surfaces (and parts); and
• Reinstating work area.


• Preparing for cleaning activities;
• Cleaning apron drains, apron
gullies and floor traps, lift
landings, lift cars and amenities;
• Sweeping, mopping and litter
• Performing damp cloth wiping,
waste bin clearing and stains
removing; and
• Reinstating work area.

Provide On-the-Job Training

• Preparing to provide on-the-job
• Providing on-the-job training
according to organisational
• Reviewing performance
of learners;
• Obtaining feedback from
learners; and
• Conducting debrief of the on-the-job training session.

Implement Work Plans and Monitor Performance

• Interpreting and implementing
work plans;
• Monitoring implementation of
work plans; and
• Monitoring team performance and
providing feedback. 

Supervise Service Operations

• Planning to meet internal and
external customer requirements;
• Ensuring the delivery of
quality service; and
• Monitoring and reviewing
customer service.

Demonstrate And Apply Understanding Of Cleaning Chemicals And Cleaning Methods And Processes (Composite Module)

• Demonstrating understanding
of cleaning methods and
• Applying cleaning methods and
processes; and
• Evaluating effectiveness of
cleaning methods and processes.

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